Monday, August 22, 2011

Add-ons: Spammenot

Are you tired of gold farmer spam? Sick of seeing immature boys linking spells and items along with body part references? Then you need Spammenot!

From the developer's comments:

SpamMeNot intelligently detects, blocks and reports commercial and annoying spam messages before you even see them


SpamMeNot is being [has been] completely rewritten for the Wrath of the Lich King Expansion.
  • Configurable spam score level means you can tighten up the spam detection or relax it as you desire.
  • The level it auto-reports at is also configurable.
  • Monitors the trade channel for people linking an exceptional amount of spell links as well as keywords such as "An*l" and "Dirge" and will flag and auto-report participants of mass trade spam.
  • 3rd party AddOns can ask SpamMeNot to filter their events via it's API.
  • Nicer configuration interface.
  • Much more organized internal structure.
  • Less chance of causing code taints.
You can get Spammenot from Curse or through Wowmatrix.

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