Sunday, August 21, 2011

Quick Tip: XP (sometimes without combat)

Even though Blizzard has made leveling from 1 to 85 incredibly faster than anyone in vanilla WoW would have ever dreamed possible, there are still a few things that may not be obvious to the new player, to speed you on your way to End Game and the exalted Level 85 leetness.

  • Multi-Quest! It may seem obvious, but as soon as you enter a new quest hub, pick up every quest you can. Many of them can be completed at the same time and in the same area, so you don't have to keep running back to the quest-givers to turn in and pick up new ones. Time saved can be used for other things that grant XP, such as:
  • As soon as you possibly can, pick up Mining and Herbalism. Don't forget to buy a Mining Pick! Both of these trade skills grant XP, so you will want to level them up along with your toon, and the side benefits are improved stamina, Lifeblood (a self-healing spell given only to Herbalists), and a steady income from the Auction House.
  • Again, as soon as you possibly can, start doing the daily quests for Cooking and Fishing. You'll get skill-ups for both of those skills in addition to cash and XP.
  • Set aside the cash you will need to get your mount. The added movement speed makes quest and gathering much faster.
  • Create a "bank toon" and run him or her to the nearest city with a bank, Auction House, and mailbox. Mail the fruits of you labors in Mining and Herbalism to this toon, and sell them on the AH. Use the add-on Auction Lite to help you set prices for fast sales without excessive discounts.
Comments with more tips always welcome!

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